Friday, July 2, 2010

Measured Change -I

We are privileged to be a part of the team working on Change magazine, an in-house publication of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. and have been approached to take up its designing. The magazine has been in circulation for many years within Godrej and plays an important role to bind the conglomerate that has several businesses.

Godrej in India is a brandname we have grown up with. Rather synonymous with the iron almirahs and locks. As the new generation at Godrej takeover it is trying to strike a balance between the past and the future. With new ventures to allure the modern-young-urban Indian, Godrej has recently undergone an identity makeover by agency Interbrand.

While designing any piece of communication it is important to stick to the brand guidelines and the magazine is no exception. We at DesignMembrane have read through the extensive brand guide and hope to reflect a positive change!

As we play our part on this issue, would like to share the the cover design...

In each issue there is a theme in focus. The theme chosen is something of interest across sectors for all employees...usually strategy based, in which they discuss case studies so as to inspire employees of other units. There are other articles of general interest as well. For this issue the theme is "Chunks of Change". A strategy used for quicker results. Something that works like quicker short steps to the final goal.

This is the Change masthead.

The "G" symbol works effectively in conveying "refresh,recycle etc." As the word "Change" appears in the theme "Chunks of Change-Projects for Rapid Results" we took this as an opportunity to brand "Change" the magazine. Hence the cover illustration...

The "G" symbol from the masthead twirls for rapid results with the three brand colours.

Will share the story of the spreads and the rest in another post soon.