Monday, March 19, 2018

Make Me Happy Salads

First time author Zarine Jalil from Salad Stories, tells simple and engaging children stories with cut fruits and vegetables and the viewers can eat it all up at the end of the session. This book is her first attempt at engaging the young audiences. It has many such fun rhymes and easy to do salads for parents and kids alike.

We design directed the cover and the spreads. It was a fun collaboration and we are very proud of the outcome. It is lovely to see children taking so much interest in this one of a kind book and also eating healthy at the same time.

Handlettering all the rhymes took a while but it was worth the wait and effort as it adds to the DIY feel of the book.

Sharing a few spreads here. 

The book is soon available at all leading bookstores near you. Couldn't be a better reason to pick your copy for a kid or for the kid in you.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


An initiative by the government of Maharashtra aims at providing good quality education to all. Here is a mark we designed backstage to all the hard work put in by the good folks at Comet Media Foundation. Do have a look at their blog and youtube channel of

Each unit of book with a circle represents individuals of different communities depicted by different colours coming together, for quality education represented by the star contained in the negative space. 
A mark that promises excellent quality of education to all. Samata means equality in Marathi. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017


A mark designed for Greenotels or Indian hotels that practice green methods. 

It consists of a tree at the centre flanked by two leaves on either side suggesting, protection of environment through green practices. In the negative space is the gesture of indian hospitality or the namaste, in this context - a symbol of request to adhere to green practices to protect the environment.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wedding invite

Had the pleasure of designing this wedding card. Since we were on a shoestring budget for this one, the concept had to be strong enough to make it stand out.
We chose the heart symbol and played with it for various stages of invites that were sent out. Here's a glimpse.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Logo for Tinkertip

Designed for an app named Tinkertip that helps discover location specific activities for kids in Mumbai. 

"Ti ti" flipped to form a butterfly represents the act of giving children 'wings' and metamorphosis. While the app is on its way, the Facebook page is up.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

To Rishabh and Vanshika

Designed these cards for a wedding in close family. The events were all held in the beautiful Suryagarh, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

The illustration style has been kept similar to the folk art found on the walls of Shekhavati called Bhittichitra. The lazer-cut jaali, the colour scheme and motifs are all inspired from Rajasthan.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

All new Baaya

Baaya is a place where design meets all forms of Indian folk art. Here one would find traditional Indian art with a contemporary and functional twist. As Baaya's founder and CEO, Shibani Jain looks into every intricate detail that is being given to the brand new and awesome store space at Lower Parel in Mumbai one can see that it is indeed her labour of love. In her words, "Baaya is the Indian weaver bird that weaves its nest in a unique manner. It stands for a beautifully crafted yet functional space. The bird creates its nest, strand by strand, with many days of effort. The suspended nest takes on a beautiful, organic shape, rather like a mother’s womb. This amazing creation is our inspiration!"

Almost six years back we were commissioned to design a logo for the venture that was then taking wings. Now with a fresh new store space and newer horizons it was important to reconsider the visual language. While working on the identity we started with a fresh approach for an all new look initially.  Here a quick look at the process.

We took two approaches, one was to keep it to an ethnic yet contemporary feel and the other route was a contemporary and modern look.

The nest represents an exotic form, a comfortable space/home. The bird perching on top in a commanding stance.

The nest is glorified and the tiny bird is integrated into the logotype.

The "b" initial shaped like the weaver bird's nest and "y" takes the shape of the bird.

However as we progressed it was clear that the old logo had left a mark on its existing customer base and associates. Hence we cleaned it up and defined the overall look for brand Baaya.

Here's hoping that the tiny bird finds it's way in everybody's heart!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Accelya Hub

After a long pause from the studio here, there is a bit of an update. A few months ago we had wrapped up the identity design for Accelya. Since it was still under release we had to wait for disclosure and remove this post from here earlier.

However here is the story nonetheless!
As Accelya (a spanish co) and Kale (an indian co)  join hands for newer, better, bigger goals, it is the birth of an all new entity. Primarily the business here is to help airline customers streamline their financial processes. They also help them gain insights on business performance using decision support tools and data analytics.
The new brandmark for Accelya is a spark or an idea that emerges from a neuron-like network symbolic of the human expertise or intellectual capital. Coined as the HUB, it is the simplest and most efficient way to connect many origins to many destinations. Similarly "we" move, process and transform critical business information from its origin and convert it into actionable intelligence for stakeholders’ consumption.

The tagline “complexity simplified” brings forth not just our customer value proposition, but our attitude and approach to work.

The colour palette exudes warmth and personalisation - an extension of the human resource.

The logotype is constructed on the typeface Strada.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A series of Dreams : Swapna Shrinkhala

Originating in a mythological tale in Jainism here is a series of dreams we illustrated for some stunning calendar art this year :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Devadruma : Divine forest splendour

After much contemplation on the theme for this year's much awaited calendar that we designed for the Kalpataru group it was "Devadruma" we settled for.

'Devadruma' is not a dictionary word, it comes from 'Dev' thats means God and 'Druma' which means vegetation in sanskrit; in summation these are mythological stories woven around trees considered sacred in India. A subtle hidden motive of using this theme on trees also was to to constantly remind the viewer of the name of the company i.e. Kalpataru, which means a wish granting tree, all through the year.

Here are some glimpses of the front and the corresponding backside of some months.

We had super fun digging for these tales that are not available in a book or on the web but have actually been passed on since centuries by word of mouth from generation to generation. Illustrating the same through a mixed medium started on an experimental note using watercolour and textures and we are happy with the results.

So here's wishing you a great year ahead!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


We were a part of a great journey of developing an identity with an NGO that works in the area of providing a balanced, nutritious meal to young schoolgoing children. Unfortunately this never went into production, nonetheless would like to share the process here.

Brief : A simple and clean identity shall communicate the purity of thought, clean and quality food.
Brand archetype -
Innocent : wholesome, pure, trustworthy, honest, optimistic
Caregiver : selfless supportive, generous, nurturing, altruistic

Process : After some internal discussions, the name Annapoorna was aptly chosen as it is the Indian goddess of nourishment.

Our initial thoughts were along these keywords or guides-

Food for the soul
Goddess Annapoorna’s golden pot and ladle
Health Pyramid
Pure and Fresh
Mother’s nurturing care
Food for growth
Serving and receiving
The Bowl of Compassion

These thoughts visually translated thus :

After discussing these with our client it was mutually agreed to pick the three directions that had potential and develop those further. After some more rework these were the qualifying ones :

However at this stage too, we still felt there was more that could be explored. The pot and the ladle concept was interesting but not there yet. The health pyramid needed a bit more to it. The mother's hand was just not it.

So we started looking for fresh ideas along with working further upon these ones...

The pot and the ladle went through a series of form corrections to make it look a little less forced and more comfortable visually.

It finally looked close.

The pyramid concept looked better integrated and proportionate.

Besides these, some more routes were developed.

+Motherly nutrition+

+Joy of Giving+

+Nutrition for Better Life+

+Motherly Love+

This is where the story of this project was left hanging and we wonder as we look back, if it was to be then which one would it be?