Saturday, April 9, 2011

Measured Change-II

In a previous post sometime back I promised to share how the corporate journal for G&B called CHANGE would be coming along.

Here is a link to the e-journal from the godrej website.

This journal is a medium that unites the huge conglomerate that G&B is. A new theme is given to each issue in which all articles are written by the employees – for the employees and are broadly divided into two sections – the theme based followed by the home based. It is A4 size with 48 to 52 pages required a grid flexible enough to accommodate the varying lengths of articles. This journal also published in marathi language requires a common visual appeal that must carry the essence of the parent brand “Godrej” also mentioned in their detailed brand manual.

We were given two issues from the past to study and suggest how its shortfalls could be addressed.

As one would notice, the covers of the two issues we had were inconsistent in the use of the Godrej logo, the editorial got cropped with the flap closed and thin and inconsistent margins would make articles look text heavy.

Based on such analysis we approached a few sample articles, as varied in nature as possible. We made an initial presentation of our views and suggestions. This basically dealt with how margins and consistency of layout supported by a well-defined grid would work.

Once this was approved, a basic grid was set. It was important to address typography as we had observed too many type variations in the previous issues inspite of the brand manual's clear guides. It was important to set a font size for the heading. sub-heads and body copy particularly for this journal. We derived and defined this from the brand manual itself. A basic tone was set once illustrations began to shape in.

And here are some spreads to share from the issues we have designed.

The flap earlier with the team and the theme graphics seemed bulky so we narrowed it. The editorial column space was reduced so that it doesn't cut because of the flap sitting over

The theme graphics on the flap are always done such that they flow in well with the first article as well so that it doesn't look out of place even when opened along this way

The authors pictures in issues we attempted earlier did not appear in all articles so they were put as aesthetically fit-in the composition. However on the note that it gave the authors their minutes of fame and recognition it was decided to have their pictures in all articles. We feared it would make the pages mundane and leave no flexibility to add graphics to each article hence the grid was modified a bit to accomadate this.

Back covers of earlier issue (top). An attempt to standardize the back cover for each issue since it is a regular feature. Photo credit to the author also incorporated in the last issue(bottom)

We also do these issues in Marathi as well.

Do check the e-journal for a better view of the flow and also the latest issue. There are still many things to be addressed however when it’s a huge corporate such as this, we are collectively working with our client towards a gradual change!

Identity Design for H&FS

Change is inevitable and to adapt one must evolve.

To re-design the identity for H&FS, a 25-year-old organization that has been working in the hospitality sector, the challenge at hand was to also determine to what extent was this change acceptable to it's beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Their old logo, we felt lacked concept thought and precision. The initials H, F & S stand for Hospitality, Food and Service (the full form however they have seldom used as they prefer it short). Hence our initial attempt was to make a mark that would visually speak for their prime business activity.

This exercise eventually got our client to rethink this proposal and they went for a more character driven approach. We sat to pin-it together in words that could define this persona.

This lent itself to these directions.

These were primarily derivatives of the elements from the old logo. However only the last one amongst these seemed like a possible direction, as it was the maximum the client was willing to move away from the exisiting identity.

We explored with typography and zeroed in on these options.

However, determined to somehow create a mark that could stand by itself we have stretched it a tad bit more.

And the client is excited!

Working on the stationery. Will share in another post soon as soon as it arrives from the press.