Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It's been an year of highs and lows since DesignMembrane took off. This being my first post on this blog, I would like to share how I came about a name for my studio.

What's in a name?

At first there was a constant debate within self whether to give it my name or another name and identity of its own. I was tempted to use my personal name and was not unaware of Chermayeff & Geismar, Sagmeister Inc., Macnab Design etc. However I faced two main problems in this regard,
1. I had tied the knot and was still undecided about my own identity ( Swati Chandak, Swati Chandak Sharma, Swati Ankur Sharma?!)
2. I also believed a studio ought to have an identity of its own as it stands for not just one person but is a cumulative effort of sorts, including its clients.
And hence the search for a befitting name began. Some names eventually got rejected as no domains were available.
I concentrated on the main activity of the studio "Design"; design, I believe cannot be an activity in isolation, it percolates, engulfs and embeds everyday things, strengthening, supporting and consolidating ideas, constantly acting like a membrane, if one was to objectify the verb. And so, why not call it DesignMembrane. This is the reason why I never give space between the two words!

The Grill

Once the core idea was in place, I began with the first process of sketching out what I wanted. People in the same profession would agree with me on this that designing for own self can be the toughest task one could put oneself to.

...Then began some initial doodling on the computer.
I also designed some mock business cards to see if the logo could work when extended to different collaterals. It really helped in the elimination process.

...And the three finalists are...

The first option was rejected majorly on the basis of legibility issues when reduced to small size.
The second option carried forward the ideology well however the type and the form somehow did not fit-in well together.
The third option was cool and I loved it, though I couldn't help agreeing to the fact that the word 'Design' was totally lost.
I worked around the basic concept of the second option and here is what I achieved...

I knew this was it! I bounced it off with friends and took their opinions as well. The next step was to fine tune the logo for print at first as I needed a business card instantly to give prospective clients.

A labour of love

The final logo extended to basic office stationery...

The next important step was the website that I shall share about in another posting soon.


Lalit said...

Great work! It is like conceiving a baby! Keep it up.

Swati Chandak Sharma said...

Yes indeed dad..it is pretty much like it...sadly not many people know or understand what goes on behind the scenes..hopefully this blog should throw some light on it...am glad you liked it!

Rishabh said...

It kinda formed a string by itself, as I read your post via fb, I hooked up on this blog. Brilliant!

Shivi said...

Amazing concept and so much hard work went into it...! Loved to read your first steps and followed them through your other blogs..so much inspiring Sista! All the best...