Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 Calendar for Span

Span Group, is a Delhi based technology solutions provider for telecommunications and internet operations in India. We had the opportunity to design their calendar for 2010, this time again however on a very very short notice.
Last year we had focused on the solutions they offer in a rather graphic treatment. The brief this year was to have something fun and fresh as well as low on budget.
We almost had a blank canvas before us that made it challenging. So we recycled some vector graphics created this year for other projects that were unused and also created some new, changed the orientation to a portrait and presented to our client.

The outcome is fresh and is not completely company focused like last year. Its experimental and totally out-of-box for our client's image who never hesitates to try.

Digitally printed on german alabaster.

Project Closure : Jan 2010

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