Friday, November 12, 2010

Diwali Greetings Design

: Designed for Kalpataru Group :

: Designed for DesignMembrane :

: Designed for Square Foot, Classic Floorings Pvt. Ltd. :

Diwali, the festival of lights has just gone by and we are just back from a short vacation too. Would like to share some festive greetings that we had fun designing.

Based upon a mythological story - Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth emerges from the churning of the ocean with the kalpavriksh. Designed for the Kalpataru group. The illustration style is inspired from the stencil art of Mathura, India called Sanjhi. The message inside is a salutation to the goddess lakshmi in sanskrit delicately calligraphed by hand and refined on Adobe Illustrator. This is how the card took shape...

We had the chance to do some post production experimentation with printing on this one. Though we would have loved to have the main image in gold foil and embossed, there was little time to do so. We experimented with printing in PVC gold, keeping the colour combination a simple red and white and also in thermography to give it a raised feel.


Our card this year was simple, wishing everyone prosperity(lotus-symbolic of goddess lakshmi) and enlightenment(diya or lamp). As it works both ways(up and down) it is subtly symbolic of the fact that the key to life is about maintaining a fine balance; prioritizing between acquiring wealth and enlightenment - both means to prosperity!


Diwali, literally means a line of diyas. And on this simple concept was based our design for Square Foot - a flooring company. We chose the brand colours itself for better retention and recall of the brand itself to whoever received the greetings. The line inside in Sanskrit - "Tamaso mah Jyotirgamaya" translates as "may light prevail over darkness".

Do hope you had a sparkling diwali night as well :)

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Rahul Roy said...

Love your work on diwali greeting keep trying You will succeed.