Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Devadruma : Divine forest splendour

After much contemplation on the theme for this year's much awaited calendar that we designed for the Kalpataru group it was "Devadruma" we settled for.

'Devadruma' is not a dictionary word, it comes from 'Dev' thats means God and 'Druma' which means vegetation in sanskrit; in summation these are mythological stories woven around trees considered sacred in India. A subtle hidden motive of using this theme on trees also was to to constantly remind the viewer of the name of the company i.e. Kalpataru, which means a wish granting tree, all through the year.

Here are some glimpses of the front and the corresponding backside of some months.

We had super fun digging for these tales that are not available in a book or on the web but have actually been passed on since centuries by word of mouth from generation to generation. Illustrating the same through a mixed medium started on an experimental note using watercolour and textures and we are happy with the results.

So here's wishing you a great year ahead!

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shivani said...

lovely work swati...cheers....