Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Accelya Hub

After a long pause from the studio here, there is a bit of an update. A few months ago we had wrapped up the identity design for Accelya. Since it was still under release we had to wait for disclosure and remove this post from here earlier.

However here is the story nonetheless!
As Accelya (a spanish co) and Kale (an indian co)  join hands for newer, better, bigger goals, it is the birth of an all new entity. Primarily the business here is to help airline customers streamline their financial processes. They also help them gain insights on business performance using decision support tools and data analytics.
The new brandmark for Accelya is a spark or an idea that emerges from a neuron-like network symbolic of the human expertise or intellectual capital. Coined as the HUB, it is the simplest and most efficient way to connect many origins to many destinations. Similarly "we" move, process and transform critical business information from its origin and convert it into actionable intelligence for stakeholders’ consumption.

The tagline “complexity simplified” brings forth not just our customer value proposition, but our attitude and approach to work.

The colour palette exudes warmth and personalisation - an extension of the human resource.

The logotype is constructed on the typeface Strada.

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