Wednesday, February 4, 2015

All new Baaya

Baaya is a place where design meets all forms of Indian folk art. Here one would find traditional Indian art with a contemporary and functional twist. As Baaya's founder and CEO, Shibani Jain looks into every intricate detail that is being given to the brand new and awesome store space at Lower Parel in Mumbai one can see that it is indeed her labour of love. In her words, "Baaya is the Indian weaver bird that weaves its nest in a unique manner. It stands for a beautifully crafted yet functional space. The bird creates its nest, strand by strand, with many days of effort. The suspended nest takes on a beautiful, organic shape, rather like a mother’s womb. This amazing creation is our inspiration!"

Almost six years back we were commissioned to design a logo for the venture that was then taking wings. Now with a fresh new store space and newer horizons it was important to reconsider the visual language. While working on the identity we started with a fresh approach for an all new look initially.  Here a quick look at the process.

We took two approaches, one was to keep it to an ethnic yet contemporary feel and the other route was a contemporary and modern look.

The nest represents an exotic form, a comfortable space/home. The bird perching on top in a commanding stance.

The nest is glorified and the tiny bird is integrated into the logotype.

The "b" initial shaped like the weaver bird's nest and "y" takes the shape of the bird.

However as we progressed it was clear that the old logo had left a mark on its existing customer base and associates. Hence we cleaned it up and defined the overall look for brand Baaya.

Here's hoping that the tiny bird finds it's way in everybody's heart!

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